Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Daytona Beach, FL Wheel alignment checking is an essential aspect of car maintenance. During this process, we check the setting and alignment of your car wheels to make sure they’re in the right angle and direction. Poor wheel alignment doesn’t just compromise your driving experience and control, but can also cause damage to your vehicle.

At Blackstone Complete Automotive Repair, we have handled several wheel alignment problems over the years. We know how to fix the issue and ensure the vehicle is working smoothly once again. Our expert technicians can handle wheel alignment correction on all kinds of cars available in Daytona Beach, FL.

Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

Experienced drivers know they have wheel alignment problems just from the feel of the car. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for:

  • Poor Steering – If the wheels aren’t set at the required angle, your steering will be affected. The car won’t travel in the direction or angle you expect it to. It will drag or pull to the side based on the angle of the poorly aligned wheel.

  • Tire Wear – Tire wear should be consistent throughout its surface. Properly aligned wheels will maintain constant contact with the road surface. However, if the wheel isn’t angled correctly, the wear pattern will be inconsistent. Some places will have more wear than others.

  • Steering Wheel Vibration – When the steering wheel feels less sturdy and vibrates under your grip, it is a sign of poor wheel alignment. It is best to get the vehicle in for servicing as soon as you notice this problem.

  • Noises At Low Speeds – If you experience scrubbing and squealing noises at low speeds, your wheel might be out of alignment. It is always a good idea to get your car to the garage if it makes strange noises.

When you bring the car to us, our wheel alignment technicians will examine them thoroughly to see if the wheels are aligned properly. If they notice something off, they will realign the wheel according to the car manufacturer’s instructions.

Car Wheel Alignment Inspections

During the assessment, our technicians will look at three factors; camber, toe, and caster. These three factors tell us whether the wheel is out of alignment.

  • Camber – This is the angle of the wheel from the front of the car. If the wheel is angled inward, it is called negative camber and when it is angled outward, it is called positive camber.

  • Toe – This is the angle of the wheel when viewed from above. If the wheel is angled inward, it is called toe-in and when it is angled outward, it is called toe out.

  • Caster – This is the angle of your steering axis when the wheel is viewed from the side. If the caster is positive, the wheel will steer towards the driver. If the angle is negative, it will steer towards the front of the vehicle.

We determine issues with wheel alignment based on these factors. If you want to know more about our wheel alignment services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Blackstone Complete Automotive Repair. You can use our contact form or call 386 947 7644.